How to write a Research Article Critique

Step by step guide on how to do a Research Article Critique

Carefully read a research article from a journal . Note the rationale for the study and its purpose(s); the basic method used, the results, the discussion of the results, and conclusion. Unless you’ve had statistical courses, the results section may be difficult to understand, but try to understand as much as you can. Notice that the article’s abstract and the discussion section often emphasize the major findings. Answer these questions about the study, using the bolded words as level one headings in your critique.

1. Source: site the source 2. What was the purpose of the study? 3. How was the study conducted? Who were the participants/subjects? What did the participants/subjects do? 4. What was found in the study? Findings 5. What are the limitations of the study? 6. Did the author (s) acknowledge the limitations? 7. What implications do the study’s findings have for you? In other words, how do they affect you personally and/or professionally? 8. If you were conducting research in this area, what would be the next study you would conduct based on the outcome of this study? That is, where do we go from here? What would be the title of your research?

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