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On my two-day diet analysis, I found out that not only was I not taking in enough vitamins and minerals, but I was taking in too many fats, protein, sweets and many other things that are hazardous to my health. Consuming too much of these, can cause many different diseases such as arthritis, liver malfunction, sleep apnea, cancer, diabetes, and numerous other possible life threatening diseases. This was an awakening for me. After seeing these results, I realized that I was not going to become a victim of these terrible diseases and I would change my eating habits. A very important issue in determining one’s health is their body weight. I am not overweight, but according to the body mass index chart, I am on the border of becoming overweight. My body mass index is approximately 24, and to be considered overweight is only 25. After seeing this I realized that I could lose some weight.

To lose weight I am planning on going on the Weight Watchers diet plan. I learned a lot about this diet when I did my weight-loss program paper. It seems to be a very good diet, not only for the weight-loss part, but for the maintenance plan it offers. Recently, I began to change my eating habits. When I get hungry, instead of going straight to a fast food restaurant, I check my refrigerator for a healthier alternative. If I do end up going to a fast food restaurant, I now choose to have a salad and water instead of my typical two bacon cheeseburgers and large soft-drink. I have also decided to start to eat more fruits and vegetables. I now take a lunch to work every day with a sandwich or salad and some fruit, yogurt, and a bottle of water. I am also taking a multivitamin for all of the nutrients that my diet is lacking. This does have a big affect on what my family eats now.

Since I live with my girlfriend, Brenda, we are both eating healthier now and we are planning out nutrient rich meals. Brenda and I have also started exercising regularly. We are now playing tennis at least a few times a week. On the days that we do not play tennis, we go on a long walk. We both are already feeling more energetic and healthier. This class has taught me a lot about my unhealthy eating habits and good ways to change them. It has also taught me that if I do not change these habits then my future years will probably be filled with diseases and disabilities. I know that I want for my family and I to live a healthy and happy life, so that is why we have to change these habits. Leading a busy life is no excuse to lead an unhealthy life. I am young and have many exciting plans for my future. Without a healthy body, I may not live long enough to experience life the way I would like to. Unfortunately, it is much easier to live an unhealthy life. I not only need to take care of myself, but look out for the health of my loved ones. It will not be easy to continue avoiding fast food restaurants and choosing fruits over cookies, but in order to live out my life to its fullest potential, I will have to do so. All free sample dissertations, dissertation proposal examples and thesis papers on Nutrition topics are plagiarized and cannot be fully used for your Undergraduate, Master’s, MBA or PhD degree in university. We work with experienced PhD. Master’s freelance writers to help you with writing dissertations and thesis papers! High quality and 100% non-plagiarized dissertations guaranteed!