How non-realism (religion) has a stronger case than realism (religion) in a modern society

Make an argument for why the non realism perspective is stronger than the realism prespective. You must use at least one of the essays mentioned below to support your argument. You can either use the essay to support your point of view or to discredit the opposing view. If you choose the second option, make sure to explicitly show why discrediting the other perspective proves your argument.
“An Evolutionary Account of Religion” by Daniel C. Dennett
“A Defense of Religious Realism” by Roger Trigg
“The Meaning of Religious Beliefs is Their Use” by D.Z. Phillips
“The Doctrine of No-Soul: Anatta” excerpt from Walpola Rahula’s book, What the Buddha Taught
Your essay must include a thesis (main claim), introduction paragraph, supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

The introduction must introduce your argument, explain why there’s a need to take on your point of view—this is recognizing that there’s a problem (two competing camps of thought within philosophy of religion), and recognize what you plan to do in the following pages.

The body paragraphs must support your thesis. Each paragraph needs to have its own point or idea. Evidence then should be given to support this point or idea. You should further support the idea of the paragraph by using your own reason to think through and explain the importance of the evidence, to further support your idea.

The conclusion should not restate or mimic the introduction. Instead, the conclusion should reflect on what you wrote about and should discuss if your evidence and rationale supports your thesis

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