Health Care Org Behav – Mgmt

Topic: Health Care Org Behav – Mgmt

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Objectives – This objectives for this case will focus on A) an increased understanding of the steps needed for decision making in an organizational setting and B) conflict resolution

Instructions: A midlevel administrator is in charge of a group of employees, two of his/her subordinates have job titles as supervisors even though they spend the majority of their time completing clinical or technical tasks instead of supervisory ones. As in many HCOs, everyone is the group is under pressure as workloads have been increasing steadily. The supervisor in charge of transcription spends 70% of her time transcribing. Over the last few weeks, she has stated several times that the work is backing up and asked for more help. However, her requests haven’t been overly strident, and seemed more like simple complaints, such as the administrator has been hearing from other workers, as versus an overwhelming problem. This morning the supervisor emails the administrator stating “Transcription workloads are weeks behind. Either I get more help by the end of next week or I am resigning.”

Using the steps you’ve learned in the text

1) Identify 3 possible solutions to the problem?

2) Identify the trap her threat has created for the administrator?

3) What caused this problem?

4) Who is responsible for it?

5) What can be done to address the cause of this problem?

6) Could a case like this occur in the organization you want to work in?

Find at least one peer reviewed article that would supports your conclusion.