Health Care Issues For Women

Women form a very integral part of the society. All these factors should be dealt with in a way that they affect the woman positively. With the changing times the case continues to be the same where different emerging issues continue to affect the women in different parts of the world (Lewis& Doshi, 2007). This has led to programs aimed at improving the life of women. Women have received recognition from Non-Governmental Organizations and other bodies all over the world. These organizations have sought to explain these global issues affecting women and how they can be used to our advantage.
A woman’s well-being means the whole body is functioning normally and is not being affected by any outside factor whether nutritionally, work, economically or socially. Women continue to be disadvantaged due to gender disparity and their lack of access to health information (Lewis& Doshi, 2007). However in the recent years women issues have received economic recognition leading to the availability of more information regarding women issues. This has led to more commitment on solving all the issues that affect women with the aim of improving their livelihood.
2.0 Discussion
2.1 Economic/employment
Times have changed and women are more involved in the economic/ employment field. Women seek employment and they work to sustain their families. This has a positive and negative effect on women. The negative effect on women is being employed means more working hours which will result to stress. Women who work in the fields are exposed to dangers and accidents that maim them forever. All the risks that men were prone to are now affecting women. This means that women are at a risk of contracting diseases and getting into accidents (World Health organization, n.da).Women are also expected to compete with men for the same jobs. However women still have household duties which they are expected to fulfill as well as their employment duties. This means a lot of strain for the women.
Positively women are more exposed to information. They have access to helpful information which will help improve their lives. States have engaged in activities that seek to improve women’s status all over the world. In some states women were treated as third class citizens. With the introduction of women programs recognized all over the world, women are being treated more fairly and given chances like those given to men (Engender Health, n.d). The positivity in economic/ employment to women also comes in when women are able to get health insurance schemes to improve their health.
2.2 Education
Education has improved women’s health in so many ways. By educating women we are elevating their status in the society. They are able to know more about their health, how to protect themselves from diseases and when affected how to get medical attention. Education also opens up chances for experiments and innovation of new ways to improve health generally (World Health Organization, n.db). Researches are done to come up with new ways to improve women’s health. When women acquire education, they are more exposed to the world. They get to acquire jobs. These jobs may also include jobs in the health sector. Women working in the health sector mean more access to health information. Education in the long run has a positive effect on women’s health as compared to other global issues.
Education can be linked with employment to bring negative effects on women. When a woman gets educated she is exposed to negative environmental factors that will affect her health negatively. These environmental factors include working conditions, work related stress and pressure. This will also affect a woman’s health in that stress causes diseases like hypertension, while poor working conditions will lead to poor health depending on the work type.
2.3 Violence/exploitation
Violence occurs in many forms. It can be rape, domestic violence, physical abuse or emotional torture (WHO, 2011a). With the changing times women are more exposed to violence that before. Exploitation on the other hand depends on the nature it is being inflicted on women. Women can be exploited physically, emotionally or financially. Both violence and exploitation cause a detriment in woman’s health. When a woman is exposed to violence she can end up being maimed, physically impaired or even die. Violence also leads to stress. Depression can also occur where the woman suffers in silence (World Health Organization, n.db). Under normal circumstances women who suffer from exploitation or violence are reluctant to report to authorities because of shame or their cultures.
In some African cultures it is allowed to abuse women. They give the excuse that they are disciplining their women. This brings the aspect of women being treated as third class citizens. All this violence will affect the woman s health in that she is not free to enjoy life freely or without limitations. This will definitely affect their health negatively.
2.4 Family planning/reproduction
Family planning is a very important issue when it comes to women’s health. This is because most family planning and reproductive decisions are left to women (World Health organization, n.da). Family planning affects women in that any method that they choose to use has its effects either direct or indirectly. First of all family planning is a must for any woman who has a family because they cannot afford to raise a large family. A working woman has to maintain a balance between her family and other aspects in her life. This calls for family planning methods that will allow a woman to achieve this balance.
Reproduction is still a sensitive issue in many cultures. Women are often ashamed to seek help when it comes to reproductive issues. Reproduction affects women when it comes to giving birth. Women have to put a stop to their careers to take care of their families. Reproductive health deals with treating all the infections and diseases that affect the woman reproductive system. Such infections and diseases include cancers of the reproductive system, STIS, and AIDS (World Health organization, n.da). Reproduction will affect a woman in that it will make her prone to these diseases and infections. A women’s health is still at risk when it comes to reproduction and family planning since a lot of women do not have access to healthcare. In some countries women have to give birth with the help of mid wives (World Health Organization, n.db). There is no ante natal or post natal care. This issue has not been dealt with totally and a lot need to be done.
2.5 Genital mutilation
Genital mutilation has always been referred to as female circumcision. However this is not the case since the intended circumcision is not achieved. The effect is that the female genitals end up being mutilated thus the name genital mutilation. This practice is common in Africa. The Africans justify this practice as a way of preventing the spread of disease amongst their women. During this practice women have been reported dead from bleeding. Genital mutilation is permanent and the effects of this practice are long term (World Health Organization, 2010). It makes it hard for women to give birth normally and attain sexual pleasure.
This practice has been condemned by health practitioners and NGOS. Programs have been started to help eradicate it since it exposes the woman to many health risks.
2.6 Access to health care
Access to health care has affected women either negatively or positively. A woman who is able to access health care will be affected in a positive way since their health needs will be met. This improves the health of a woman. However women who do not have access to health care are still at risk. Most of them have to travel for long distances as they seek medical help. Access to health care is limited by lack of health facilities, poverty, and lack of health insurance (World Health Organization, n.db). Many states are however engaging in activities that seek to promote access to health care.
3.0 Summary of the key points
Economically/ employment and education has a positive effect on women’s health. The more enlightened a woman is the more her chances of improving her health. Genital mutilation and violence/ exploitation continue to affect the modern woman. These vices can be eradicated. Different states have tried to eradicate them and their efforts are bearing fruits.
Access to healthcare is a positive development that means women will be able to get their health needs catered for. Reproductive health is still a sensitive issue and a lot need to be done to improve it. The same applies to family planning where its access is still a problem to those in third world countries.
4.0 Recommendations
Some of these vices like genital mutilation are found in the third world countries. Despite the efforts of these countries to eradicate them there are still communities that continue to practice them. Violence is experienced all over the world it will continue to affect women’s health unless it is dealt with. Violence/exploitation can be curbed by more strict laws on those who commit these offences. Education, access to health care, economic/employment and family planning/ reproduction can be improved with time to provide a good environment for facilitating the women’s health.

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