Paper instructions:
You will create a Word document of 6 – 8 pages (including cover sheet, table of contents and sources), which incorporates a wide variety of Word features.

The topic of your slide will be a harry potter a character that you find genuinely interesting—that will make the assignment more fun. Also, if you know something about the person, it will allow you to focus your effort on using Word—that’s the point of this assignment.

Your primary tasks in this assignment are to:
1. complete a Word document exactly as described below;
2. upload it to this Moodle assignment drop box before the deadline
• Emailed assignments or those submitted by any other means will NOT be accepted
• Assignments will NOT be accepted after the deadline

You are responsible for creating your own Word file from scratch, and for doing all the work in your assignment yourself. You may discuss the assignment with other students and show each other how you completed a given step. However, you must turn in your own file, in which you did all the work yourself. If you turn in a copy of another student’s file, both students receive a 0 for the assignment.

Where do I get the content of my report?
This is NOT an assignment in writing a report—this is an assignment in using Word. Therefore, you may either write the content of your report or you may download text about the subject of your report from the Internet. You must have a sources page identifying what content you downloaded and giving the link to the webpage you got it from.

Copying from Internet
Remove all formatting codes when you take material off the web. You can do this one of two ways:
1. When you copy the text from a web site make sure you paste the text into your Word document without any formatting; or
2. Copy everything into your document then select your entire document and remove all formatting.

Be sure to keep track of your sources, because they will need to be included in your document.