Hans Bellmer and Dora Maar,

With reference to EITHER Hans Bellmer OR Dora Maar, discuss how their creative intentions were expressed through the ideas of Surrealism.
Project description

? Because of the subject matter of this class, and the fact that we have no course materials as such, it makes sense that there will be an element of research in what you write. This assignment is no exception. Essay 2 is intended as a warmup for your final, and I hope epic, research project.
? If your essay requires images, they can be embedded into your Word file for the electronic version.
? Any research material you do use, online or otherwise, needs to be properly cited and documented using the MLA format. I can review this procedure in class if necessary. Using material without citing it is stealing and is easily detected. No Remix here but maybe that will change in the future. Who knows?
? Whatever question you choose, think about what you are being asked. Draw on your own thoughts and abilities rather than automatically going to the internet.
? When writing your essay, try to make clear, well-structured critical points rather than writing description or biography. Remember, an artist’s life does not necessarily explain their work.

**The topic at the top is the question which must be answered in this 750 word essay with resources and proof of research- MLA FORMATTED