group decision-making in organisations

Topic: group decision-making in organisations

Order Description
Section 1. approximately 1750 words); Discuss the benefits and problems of group decision-making in organisations.
Section 2: Reflection (approximately 250 words). The second element is a reflection of the development of your progress in your academic skills. Students should reflect on how they have developed academic skills like essay writing, grammar, researching and referencing and so forth.

Assessment criteria require students to demonstrate ability to:
• Provide written work that has a coherent and logical structure. Clear introduction and conclusion. The Introduction clearly and comprehensively introduce the essay structure. The conclusion should summarise the key issues and arguments from the body of the essay.
• Show knowledge and use of academic literature to support key arguments and ideas (about 10 different academic references relevant to the essay title, that is journal articles and books).
• Reflection on development in academic skills.
• Reference in-text appropriately and provide a full list of references on a reference page at the end of the assignment that conforms to the Harvard approach.