global supply chain

Topic: global supply chain

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Please look at essay 1 in attachment in order to start this essay as it’s a continuation of the first coursework.
The first coursework has ended with your recommendation as how to change the global supply chain of a company of your own choice.
The second coursework is a continuation of the first and you are expected to implement this decision.
1. You cannot change your company.

2. There are two groups of lectures that must be used please.
• Global procurement or buying
• Setting up and running new facilities.

3. What is expected from you is to implement your recommendation through identifying elements from both of these groups of lectures and explain how you will achieve the changes. If your recommendation does not fall into both of these groups please use one with more explanation.

4. Also, you are expected to use minimum 4 journal references from these lecture groups within your essay.

5. It is very important that you use the theory carefully and put your attention to global supply chain issues rather than domestic company.

6. Also you do not need to introduce the company but write your recommendation as the first paragraph.

7. In the work please use Technology and Knowledge Transfer

8. If the recommendation is weak please improve on it because I got 63 out of 100 for the first essay

9. Please don’t be descriptive please