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Answer sheet of paper 3-10 (1)

  1. The Incas and the Hispaniola were the two major civilizations that existed in South America when the Europeans first arrived.
  2. An important consequence of the steep escarpment situated along the Brazilian coast is that it hindered colonization of the country’s interior.
  3. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are both independent countries comprising the island of Hispaniola.
  4. Today, almost one third of Mexico’s population is located near the same area as the ancient city of Tenochtitlan.
  5. South America’s major plateaus are the Brazilian Highlands and the Guiana highlands.
  6. The commonwealth of the Bahamas encompasses some 700 islands and 2400 islets in the Caribbean and is by far the least densely populated country in the region.
  7. The majority of all Middle American indigenous people, at the time of European contact, lived near the present day Central America.
  8. Plantation economy was first brought to South America in the 16th century by what European colonial power? Spain.
  9. The two Middle American countries with the most oil production include Mexico and Guatemala.
  10. Gold is the product is most associated with the Minas Gerais region of South America.
  11. Middle America comprises Mexico, the Caribbean and Panama City.
  12. The single most important determinant of Middle America’s future prosperity is the rate of food production.
  13. The three South American nations where both Spanish and an Indian language represent the official tongues of those countries are Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.
  14. Middle America is dominated by a tropical climate.
  15. The ethnic group in Middle America today which is the most common is the Mestizo.
  16. In South America the region which has the greatest concentration of people is the Gran Chaco.
  17. The Nicaragua is a rural farming cooperative in which parcels of land are offered to peasants but ownership of the land is retained by the community.
  18. The South American country which lost portions of its territory during the war of the Pacific and the Chaco war is Chile.    .
  19. African influence would be most evident in the Brazilian coast region of South America.

Answers to paper 3-5 X

  1. The country that Panama belonged to before it achieved independence during its 1903 revolution is Colombia.
  2. Today almost one third of Mexico’s population is located near the same area as the ancient city of Tenochtitlan.
  3. Relatively unchanging slums found in the outskirts of many Latin American cities are known as Favelas.
  4. The name given to the Amazon-drained and rainforest-covered areas of Peru
  5. Copper and nitrates are two resources that strongly shaped the economic history and geography of Chile.
  6. The language of the Inca state, still spoken in parts of South America, is known as Quechua.
  7. The core area of the Aztec state was located in the lowlands of Guatemala.
  8. Communally owned farms with land parcels being assigned to each member for cultivation are known as Ejidos.
  9. The South American country which lost portions of its territory during the pacific and Chaco war is Chile.
  10. The so-called “Switzerland of central America,” the region‘s only truly democratic republic is Costa Rico.
  11. Belo Horizonte and Volta Redonda are most closely identified with Brazil’s iron and steel industry.
  12. The region in South America that is densely populated South East Brazil
  13. Overall, South America’s population has a high growth rate but nowhere does the population grow faster than in the Chile areas.
  14. A foreign owned factory in northern Mexico that assembles duty-free goods is
  15. The region in Venezuela whose focus is the oil industry is Bolivia
  16. The Central American country where English is spoken is known as Belize.
  17. South America’s largest city in population size is Sao Paulo.
  18. The South American country where the majority of the population are descendants of southern Europe
  19. An island with a large percentage of its population from south Asia is Bahamas islands.
  20. In the republic of Bolivia the United States strongly supported the government in its efforts to defeat a Marxist led insurgency.

Answers to paper 3A-5X

  1. The sertao is the dry bush country in the interior of Brazil’s northeast where livestock constitute the chief means of subsistence.
  2. Native American cultural groups identified as Middle Americans include the Aztecs, Mayan and the Belize
  3. The major river of Venezuela’s iron rich eastern region is the Orinoco River.
  4. Although Guyana was granted independence from Britain, Guiana continues to be a colony of  France
  5. The country which has proposed a dry canal from the Caribbean to the pacific is Columbia.
  6. A major problem corrected by the 1910 revolution in Mexico is Large Ejidos.
  7. The Central American country where English is spoken but where Spanish will eventually become the predominant language is in Portuguese.
  8. The largest Caribbean county in both area and population is Haiti.
  9. The Falkland was the sites of a humiliating defeat for Argentina the hands of the British who also claim this island group.
  10. The country of Argentina possesses South America’s densest railroad network, reflecting the country’s high level of development.
  11. The fastest growing sector of the Brazilian economy is commercial agriculture.
  12. Besides Europe, the continent that most contributed to the shaping of Caribbean cultures is North America.
  13. Mexico City at 7,350 feet above sea level is located in which natural environmental zone? Tierra Fria.
  14. In the Caribbean region, the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are dependencies of the Netherlands.
  15. Under which U.S president was the treaty signed that guaranteed American withdrawal from the Panama Canal Zone? Jimmy Carter.
  16. A cool offshore ocean current conducive to commercial fishing that flows parallel to the Peruvian coastline is Cuba current.
  17. A Caribbean republic that was greatly influenced by French culture was the Dominican Republic.
  18. The most populated Brazilian state is Sao Paulo.
  19. The Itaipu dam on the Paraguay- Brazil border is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric facilities.
  20. The capital of Brazil before the founding of Brasilia was Rio de Janeiro.

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