Forecasting & Supplier Demand for GenZe

Forecasting & Supplier Demand for GenZe
You’ll be researching GenZe a electric bike and scooter company. You are looking specifically into the Forecasting & Supplier Demand of the company. I have uploaded an interview done with 2 people from the company that should answer some of the questions provided. Not all questions should be answered and information about the company online can be used ( Can also contact the company through email to get information). Focus mostly on forecast and supplier demand. Also in recording sometime they don’t give you can answer but direct you to something that can givee you an answer so be aware of that.

How do they cover supply demanded?
What sort of customer service do they use in order to gain outside information on the demand
Do they run into issue? How often? What sort of issues?
What’s the largest challenge they face when dealing with demand/forecasting
Use of a formal forecast and other methods of estimating Demand
How Supply is planned to cover expected Demand (MRP, Re-order point, other)
Customer service metrics
Frequency and severity of shortages
Excess and Obsolete inventory

? Assess and evaluate the Materials Management process of a local company
? Explain the general process, addressing the scope below.
? Point out the elements of the process that you consider well done, and why
? Point out the elements of the process that you consider open for improvement
? Recommend how the process can be improved