final project will be to analyze, design, and document Complete

Your final project will be to analyze, design, and document a simple program that utilizes a good design process and incorporates sequential, selection and repetitive programming statements as well as at least one function call and the use of at least one array. The specific problem you need to solve for the final project is;Design a program that will allow a user to Input a list of your family members along with their relation (i.e. brother, sister, etc.), age and state where they reside. Determine and print the average age of your family and print the names of anyone who live in Texas or New York.;Final Project Deliverables;There are two deliveries for this project.;The first delivery is the project plan (Analysis and Design) which provides your problem statements, problem analysis, and how it will comply with the project specifications. The project plan is worth 10% of your grade. Your project plan is due in week 7 by midnight EST, on the specific date posted in the class schedule.;The second delivery is the final project delivery which will be your completed project design(psuedo Code) along with your code comments and comprehensive Test plan. The final delivery is worth 20% of your grade. The final project delivery is due no later than the last day of class. Your instructor?s policy on late projects applies to this project.