Fanny Fern Humour at Work


React to Fanny Fern in terms of how her humour works to make her point about women. Fanny Fern wrote “Aunt Hetty On Matrimony” (pg 905-908); “Hungry Husbands” (pg. 908); “Male Criticism of Ladies’ Books” (pg. 912); A Law More Nice Than Just” (pg. 914-915) in The Norton Anthology- American Literature Eighth Edition Volume B. Must use the Textbook and three research/critical sources. This paper should examine a question, image, argument, contradiction, or connection that catches your attention. These papers are exercises in critical thinking. This paper should examine and analyze an issue on a level more meaninful than mere liking/disliking. Must use at least three Academic Resources. “DO NOT SUMMARIZE.” Also, “NO PLAGIARISM”



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