Faith and Globalization Mid-Term Exam

Topic: Faith and Globalization Mid-Term Exam

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follow the instructions on the uploaded files. Also below I have provided some chapters where you can refer to and use them as sources.

1.The Construction of Religion as an Anthropological Category – Week 1
2. An anthropological Excursion (page 30-48). – Week 1
3.Religion and Globalization Chapter 1. – Week 1
4. Just a Piece of Cloth? The European
Debate on “the Islamic Headscarf” as a Case Study and Paradigm for an Emergent Intercultural Ethics Jan M. Jams – week 3
5.Is our God listening ? Exclusivism Inclusivism Pluralism – week 3
6.Muslim Transnationalism – brotherhood, networks, diasporas – Week 3
7. Pentecostalism A major Narrative of Modernity – Week 3
8. The many faces of Judaism: Sacred and Secular – week 4
9. Organized Hinduism: From Vedic Truth to Hindu Nation – week 4
10. Globalization and the Common Good – week 5
11. The two theories of modernity Tyler – week 5