Excursion Project

Excursion Project

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1. The Broad museum, los angeles
2.MOCA -the museum of contemporary art
3.The Geffen Contemporary at moca

these were the 3 museum that I have to write one page for each please see below for more information.

1. Visit 3 different exhibitions
Be sure to go to 3 separate venues. For example, it will not count if you write about
more than one exhibition at LACMA. The venues need to be off campus. You may
choose to visit a museum, a commercial gallery, or an alternative space. These need
to be exhibitions of CONTEMPORARY ART (meaning art made since 1960). See the
explanation of the requirements for evidence of your excursion below.
2. Write a 1-page review of each exhibition
Make sure you write a minimum of one page for each exhibition. This does not count
the space taken by your heading and title. See “content of your essays” below for an
explanation of what to write about.

You are writing a review of all three exhibitions you visit. In the first half of your review
give a vivid description of what you saw. Try to give a helpful impression of the
exhibition to someone who has not seen it. In the second half of the review evaluate
what you saw. Was it worth your time? Why, or why not? Don’t hold back. You will not
be graded on whether you like what you saw or not, but on how well you explain WHY
you did or did not find it interesting.
FORMAT OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Please read the following carefully, papers that do
not follow these guidelines will be marked down.
Your excursion project needs to have a cover page giving your name, the date, Art 101,
and the three places and exhibitions you visited. Then each excursion essay needs to
be 1-page (this is the minimum, papers shorter than a full page will be marked down):
12-point standard font, 1-inch margins (for the sides as well as for top and bottom),
double-spaced. All you need at the very top of each page is the name of the exhibition
and the place it was located.