Evidenced Based Essay

Assessment 1
Students are required to submit an essay identifying the evidenced based practice relating to the nursing care of the critically ill patient. The essay must identify and discuss the evidence based nursing care of one of the following (A to E) elements:
• Airway
• Breathing
• Circulation
• Disability
• Exposure

Students are to conduct a relevant literature search to identify what evidence is currently available in relation to ONE of the above elements and discuss this comprehensively and critically in relation to the critically ill patient.

For example a student may wish to focus on the Airway management of a critically ill patient. You would need to conduct a literature search and identify the evidenced based nursing practice of how to care for a critically ill patient’s airway. However, you may wish to narrow your focus further and identify the evidenced based practice on how to suction a patient’s airway. Your essay needs to describe the literature search undertaken including search strings used and then present the evidence you have found in an academic essay.

Please remember this is a nursing based essay and although pathophysiology may be required as part of your background, this must be kept to a minimum with the focus being on the nursing care of patients.

 Students are advised to review the marking criteria to achieve maximum results for the essay
 A minimum of five peer reviewed journal articles must be included in the evidence
 Students must identify how they conducted their literature search and the subsequent results including search strings used
 The essay must be of academic standard as identified in the University assessment policy and procedure
 Further to the literature search section, the essay must include an introduction, main body and conclusion
 .
 Essay- maximum 2000 words
Marking Guides
Assessment 1: Evidence based essay

Distribution of Marks Not Achieved

Fully achieves Partially achieves Does not achieve
5 4 3 2 1 0
Evidence of literature search Comprehensive description of literature search including use of appropriate databases and search terms and the selection of relevant up to date evidence to support argument Little or no evidence of literature search or access of appropriate databases. Use of inappropriate search terms. Selection of irrelevant evidence which shows little or no support for argument
Quality of discussion in support of the main thesis of the essay Logically developed discussion that supports the main thesis of the essay Writing rambles and lacks logical continuity and fails to support the main thesis of the essay
Writing well-structured through introduction, body and conclusion Writing poorly structured, lacking introduction, cohesive paragraphing and/or conclusion
Material relevant to topic Much material is not relevant
Topic dealt with in depth Superficial treatment of topic
Appropriate inclusion of A to E element and linking to main thesis of essay Omission of A to E element and Little or no evidence to linking to main thesis of essay.
Quality of Evidence Argument well supported by evidence and examples Inadequate supporting evidence or examples
Accurate presentation Literature

Much evidence incomplete or questionable
Written Expression and Presentation Fluent and succinct piece of writing Clumsily written, verbose, repetitive
Reasonable Length Over or under word limit
Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout Much evidence of poor grammar, many punctuation and spelling errors throughout
Well presented, correct use of formatting, contents page, headings in text and title. Poorly presented and incorrect or missing formatting – no contents page, no headings in text or no title.

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