European Union

European Union
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Look at stakeholders’ interests, labor laws, political parties’ influence, union density, strength of sectors or industry, minority and women’s rights. Two tier labor relations system? (Those who are covered by labor protection and those who are not covered, eg migrants, agricultural workers,)

Your research will dictate the topics, scope and direction your research paper will take. Try to keep it current. Keep history at a summary level. This is not a labor history research paper, although there are critical historical events in countries that greatly influence the employment relations system and must be mentioned. But this paper is to give the reader a magnified view of current employment relations. Such questions as

Who are the major stakeholders?

How strong are these stakeholders?

Is it a level playing field?

What needs to happen for there to be a balance of power?

What industry leads in advancing employment relations?

How do the union and non-Union sectors compare with regards to wages and benefits?

Summarize briefly labor law developments.

Major strikes or lockouts and its influence on ER.

problems, advances, major issues, concerns.