Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact
Paper instructions:
Three-month-old infants are starting to meet some significant milestones in their development. The story below is about two moms who adore their three-month-old babies. Read the prompt below and discuss in your post what activities the moms could do to maximize their babies’ development.

A friend of yours has a three- month- old infant. She reads to her son everyday while cuddling him. She takes him for walks to the park in his stroller and plays classical music for him while he engages in tummy time. Another friend has a baby the same age and this mom holds him most of the day so that he does not cry. They spend the day snuggling and watching television at home and she talks to her baby throughout the day. Both moms love their babies and want to encourage their development.

In your post, explain what developmental skills are identified within these two situations. Next, discuss how the home environment influences a baby’s development. Finally, how could each friend encourage their baby’s development within their environment?

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