ENG 1201–Introduction to Portfolio

ENG 1201–Introduction to Portfolio


The primary purpose of this assignment is for you to introduce the work in your portfolio and yourself to your readers (in this case probably just me, but assume a wider audience–your classmates, etc.). Try to put the writing included in context for your readers. This introduction should also serve as an exercise in self-reflection and evaluation. You should take this assignment seriously; it is very important to how your portfolio will be evaluated. Here are the criteria you are required to fulfill:

Write as a letter and address it to ME! Lincoln N. Schreiber! muaahahahaahaha.

Type or word process and double space your letter—include the standard MLA heading.

Write in a natural voice. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Imagine me as your primary audience, but remember to meet the needs of others as well.

Introduce the pieces of writing you have included in your portfolio. Don’t just name them by assignment label; tell a little bit about each of them. What did each assignment ask for? How did you choose to respond to it? How did it fit into the larger picture of the course?

Reflect on the process/progress of your work (How did you approach each assignment? What processes did you use? How did it progress?), its trials and triumphs (What was the most difficult part? What came naturally? Did you have trouble finding information for the essay? What technical parts did you find difficult?), and its current status (Is it “finished”? What else do you wish you could do to it? Would you work on it more if you had more time? If you think it is complete, why do you think that?).

Evaluate how well you think you have accomplished each assignment. Do not indicate the grade you think it should get, but rather discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each piece and its overall quality. What improvements did you make from the first to the final draft? Show that you can be objective and critical of your own work. (BIG HINT: Look at the comments on your drafts from your fellow students and me. Which did you respond to and work with? How, specifically, did you make changes related to the comments?)

Reflect on/Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and as a member of this class. Write about what things you usually do well in a writing assignment. Tell what things you constantly struggle with in writing. Give specific examples. Look for comments from your classmates and me that come up on your drafts repeatedly. Discuss any growth or changes you have experienced as a writer and as a student within this quarter or this academic year. Have you learned not to procrastinate on writing projects–or at least just a little less? Have you learned anything new about approaching a writing assignment or research project? Have you learned to ask more questions or to pay more attention to the specific details and requirements of an assignment? Discuss the goals you had at the beginning of the quarter/year (what you hoped to gain from this course/year) and what goals you have for your future writing.

Be as specific and clear as possible.

Organize and edit carefully. Don’t count on your computer to do the work for you. Spell and grammar checks can and do make mistakes or misses. Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

Sign your letter.

This letter should be from two to five typed, double-spaced pages long.

This is the first item that any reader will see in your Portfolio. You should use it to make the best impression that you can. Be honest and personable and take this assignment seriously. This is your chance to share all of the exciting work and accomplishments you have completed this quarter with your readers. Good Luck.