Energy Audit Report on Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption

Energy Audit Report on Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption

You must conduct an energy audit project, which assesses your normal petrol consumption and determines whether fuel saving measures effectively reduce your car’s consumption of petrol. This data will then be used to produce a short report. To do this you will measure and collect data on fuel use of your car, analyze that data, and describe it in a report. The report should contain some analysis of problems encountered and solutions applied.


1. Day One. Fill your car up completely and record the number of kilometres on the odometer.
2. Collect data on the number of kilometers covered by your car each day. You can (keep a small notebook and pen/pencil and write in it every day).
3. Record every time your refuel your car, how much petrol you put in, how much money you spend and how many kilometers you traveled since the last time you refueled. You can use the trip meter function in your car for this.
4. Research fuel-saving techniques, and record all of the sources, which will need to be included in your reference list.
5. After 7 days of normal driving, you should introduce suitable fuel-saving measures, and continue recording your fuel consumption for another 7 days.
6. At the end of 14 days refuel your car completely for a final time and note the reading on the odometer.

Just I want from the writer to writer the introduction and the method section

• An Introduction which introduces the report, its aim and scope. You must include the kind of car you drive (its make and model) as well as its engine size.
• A Method Section which describes the steps that were followed in order to gather the data using passive voice