Effect of Glamour Magazine Owners on Media Product

 Discuss the Effect of Glamour Magazine Owners on Media Product……

Glamour magazine is amongst the most successful magazines in print history. Currently the Magazine produces 18 consumer magazines as well as four business-to-business publications. Additionally, it owns 27 websites and has got over 50 applications for tablets and mobile devices.  It is no doubt that it has a large command and big fan base. It is published by Conde Nast Publication, which also –according to many- is the brain child behind Lifestyle Magazines which focuses on a particular class and interest. It never bothers to target the huge possible readership. This means that a huge section of their readers would not get information on products they actually required.
Currently Conde Nast operates as a subsidiary of Advance Publications which has got more than 126 magazines and 104 websites, and represents about 24 markets around the world. Apart from ensuring better platform for advertisers, it ensures that readers get different varieties of products from around the globe.
Glamour magazine was the best selling magazine this year (Press Gazette, 2012), and with advertisement forming the financial backbone of mass media (Kilbourne, 2012), it is bound to get more money. It also presents a risk of monopolization as advertisement of products competing with the magazines interests will not get fair competing advantage


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