Education Safeguarding

Education Safeguarding

Assignment briefing:
You will be required to choose a recent case after 2005 of child abuse that been investigated and reported in the media.You will need to highlight its impacts on emerging theories and early years practice including the identifications of aspects relating to some previous cases. You will be expected to illustrate resulting recommendations for the safeguarding of children in early years settings with reflections concerning the impact upon your practice.

the essay should have the following layout:

What case I have chosen (Baby P)and what are the main points of this course.
What was the involvement of professional and their accountability?
WHAT other case can you mention from before that are similar and why? Victoria Climbie can be written about)or another case.
Link the information you have found to any background reading for example: Laming report or Every child matters, Munroe report, working together to safeguard children 2013, Models of abuse related to the cases (Baby p and Victoria Climbie)

Finally, What impacts has cases recommendations have/have on early years practice?


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