economic history

economic history
Project description
THE ESSAY: IN A WORD FILE, WRITE AN ESSAY UP TO 3 PAGES OR LESS AND PROVIDING WHAT YOU THINK ARE THE IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTIONS OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT BY THE “CRITICS OF THE MERCANTILISTS/FORERUNNERS OF THE CLASSICALS” THAT ARE PASSED ONTO AND TAKEN UP BY THE “CLASSICAL “ ECONOMISTS. Use your textbook, notes, notes reviewed in class, or other information you know of to complete the writing and the theme of the quiz. Documentation and reference to these sources is essential and can be placed either in parentheses in your text, end notes, or footnotes. If you go the end notes route of referencing you may have extensions in pages in addition to the 3 page limit, and particularly if your writing goes on 3 pages and you still need to place the end notes. “Gibberish” will not bode well! Upon completion, then turn in the WORD file via email and send to ……….. Be sure to identify your file. If my name were Enron Gadonkas, or Patty Petunia, I would identify by perhaps something like this, “E Gadonkas, or “Petunia”, then put at the end, Quiz 3, like, for example, “No Thinkum Quiz 3”, or like “Empty auv Thoughts Quiz 3” , or whatever you go by.
the textbooks are “the capitalism” and the ordinary business of life”


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