Economic and Business Changes Acting On Your Firm and Industry

Some of you might be working in an industry that is trying to deal with the changes associated with one or more of these economic revolutions. This activity will help you ascertain how you, your industry, and firm are doing in response to these changes.
Task Description
Your supervisor has asked you to do some research on economic and business changes. She has suggested that you answer two related questions focusing on three entities: the industry, the firm or organization, and you. During the course of your research and readings, you have discovered and considered a number of different economic revolutions that have reshaped the competitive and global landscape. At a meta-level, how have those forces redefined or changed your industry, your supplier base, and your customer base?
Define any identified economic and business revolutions that are acting on your firm.
1. Is your firm keeping pace with these changes?
2. How have you responded to these changes, professionally and personally?
Deliverable to be handed in per your instructors deadlines.
Prepare a three- to four-page paper that captures your thoughts and your research and readings on questions one and two. This will be submitted to your facilitator on the date specified by your facilitator. This paper should include footnotes for all sources used in the paper (APA format) and an annotated bibliography.
1. This paper will be supplemented with an annotated bibliography. This annotated bibliography will serve to demonstrate your knowledge in finding additional resources, interpreting the utility of additional resources, and presenting those resources in an academic manner.