Week 3 Assignment 2;Cyber Safety PowerPoint Presentation;(This assignment fulfills these NETS-T, InTASC, and CCTC Standards);SCENARIO: Your school principal has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on Cyber Safety issues for all of the teachers at your workplace. Your presentation will cover a concise overview of five main categories: Acceptable Use Policies Cyberbullying Cyberpredators Identity Safety Piracy and Plagiarism If you are not currently teaching select a target audience: elementary, middle, or high school.;Assignment Instructions Use the the text, resource links, and course tab (Cyber Resources) in Week 3 to gather information on each of the categories for your presentation. Cite 2 examples for each category. Define each category and summarize key points in bullet-point form. Emphasize why the topic is important to educators. Use short explanations, not complete sentences. Use the Notes Section in PowerPoint to narrate your presentation. What would you say to explain the information in greater detail. Type notes to yourself or for someone else so they could deliver the presentation. Remember, the slide is for bullet style text, not sentences or paragraphs. Why do we ask you to do this? Think of it as a placeholder for more information. What if a colleague wanted to borrow the presentation, the notes section will serve as a place to give more foundational information and greater detail.;Your PowerPoint Presentation should meet the following criteria;Title – 1 slide (don?t forget to put your name on this slide!);Introduction – 1 slide (list categories with a short definition);Content – 2 slides for each of the categories with one hyperlink per topic.;Conclusion – 1 slide (strategies for implementation);Reference list (make sure the links are active);Include hyperlinks to information on the websites for each category. Use names of websites as actual web links, not URLS! (See the Hyperlinking Tutorial.);Include at least 3 graphics in the presentation.;Include slide transitions.;Include one sound (it can be the transition sound) on at least 1 slide.;Include one hyperlink to an online video clip about CyberSafety on 1 slide. This would be a short video clip you would play for the audience during the presentation. Search “cybersafety” on TeacherTube and/or YouTube.;Cite source information with in-text citations (you can use a smaller font for the citation text).;List your sources in an APA Reference list on the last slide of the presentation. Do not just list the links.;Submit your PowerPoint presentation file Unit 3 Assignment 2 drop box.;Helpful Resources Hyperlinking Tutorial Basic Theory of Visual Literacy and Document Design How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint (9:51);Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint 2010 Online Training PowerPoint 2007 Online Training PowerPoint 2003 Online Training OfficeMAC Tutorials;Week 3, Assignment 2: Cyber Safety PowerPoint Presentation Points;Title (1 slide) + narration notes 5;Introduction (1 slide) (list five categories with a short definition) + narration notes 15;Content – Acceptable Use Policies (2 slides) + narration notes + 1 link 15;Content – Cyberbullying (2 slides) + narration notes + 1 link 15;Content – Cyberpredators (2 slides) + narration notes + 1 link 15;Content – Identity Safety (2 slides) + narration notes + 1 link 15;Content – Piracy, Plagiarism (2 slides) + narration notes + 1 link 15;Conclusion (1 slide) + narration notes + 1 link (address Bloom’s Higher Order Thinking Skills) 15;Sources are listed in an APA Reference list on the last slide (with active links). 10;Include hyperlinks for each category, use website names (embedded/hyperlinked text) 10;Include at least 3 graphics in the presentation. 6;Include slide transitions (one transition method only) 4;In-text citations for sources (graphics, quotes, etc) on slides (not in narration notes) 10;Hyperlink to online video clip 10;Overall quality of visual presentation 10;Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation 5;Total Points 175