: Disciplinary Procedures and Dismissal

Topic: Disciplinary Procedures and Dismissal

Order Description
Report that summarises the background, theoretical insights and research of the topic.

Must include:

Clarity and coverage of the issue
Research base, linkage and evidence.

Critically appreciate the nature of the employment relationship, how it is regulated and associated workplace issues that this gives rise to.

Use a range of perspectives in order to identify and evaluate relevant literature, contemporary issues and current research in the field of employee relations.

This module seeks therefore to examine these general debates with reference to contemporary workplace issues, both in the private and in the public sector, how they are managed and how workers respond. The aim is to provide students with an understanding and critical appreciation of the context, focus, structures and processes of Employee Relations, taking account of UK developments and the broader European context.

Throughout the module students will be encouraged to develop a critical perspective based on a thorough reading of available literature, research and reflection on personal experiences.


Compulsory Key Textbook:

Introducing Employment Relations: A Critical Approach By Steve Williams (ISBN-10: 0199645493)

Extra Key text:

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