Dilemma Is What To Choose?

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So, I only had to drive the kids from kindergarten to day care once a week. Our daughter went to the same day care that our son was in, so they were very happy to be together in the afternoons. Mornings were torture, when I dropped my son off. I felt guilty like you wouldn’t believe. It can be done. This will probably sound like no advice, but what you really have to do is find the formula that will work for you — that will meet your writing needs, meet you child’s needs, and let you get enough sleep. It may take a while, but with some experimentation, you will find it. And, if you keep writing — write everyday, even if its only for 15 minutes — one day you will be done. All the best. My heart goes out to you. Hi–I’m a first year graduate student working on my MA/PhD; I started last fall when my daughter was 3 months old. I think the key to successful academic work with an infant–although this depends on what age and how mobile they are, too — is that you are flexible.

I do a lot of reading in odd places (on the bus on the way to & from class, etc.) and at odd times. My daughter’s sleep schedule is only somewhat fixed, but if she’s waking up around 9 am, I’ll get up around 7:30 or 8 to eat and read/write. Also, a supportive partner is wonderful. I had a baby mid-dissertation and completed it when my child was 2.5. I have one word of advice — CHILDCARE. I know it is hard to justify the expense to allow you to do something that you make no money at, but my feeling is that writing is serious work, and needs serious space blocked out to do it. Both writing and baby care are very hard, without making both harder by maintaining a fiction that one can do both at the same time. I know other people manage to get work done by working around the baby’s schedule (while the baby is sleeping). I had finished all my research, but needed to write my dissertation when my son was born.