Developmental Stage: Late Adolescence 16 to 21

Developmental Stage: Late Adolescence 16 to 21
Developmental Stage Paper
Grading Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is to help the student identify the differences and milestones in child development based on the stage and age of the child. Each student will be assigned a specific age of childhood (infancy to adolescent) /////// I got assigned Late adolescence 16 to 21 years old//////////////////and that student will need to write a 6 page paper following the guidelines posted below.

Paper Requirements: Paper total points.
1. Paper must include the Theories of Development for the assigned age according to (at least) 3 theorists (ex: Freud, Erikson, Piaget). You must explain the theory and how it relates to your developmental age.
2. Paper must include both physical and cognitive development as well as major milestones the child will experience during the specific age. (ex: weight/height) (cognitive milestones such gross and fine motor development)
3. Paper must include how the child will best learn at the specific age. (ex: play, observation)
4. Health promotion and disease prevention for the assigned age must also be included. (ex: what immunizations are needed, hygiene, nutrition, screenings)
5. Correct grammar, spelling and format:
a. Title page
b. Spelling/grammar
c. include an introduction and a summary or conclusion.
d. Minimum of 5 reference items (textbook, journal articles, website) and correctly cited throughout the paper and in a reference page
e. Reference page in correct format.
/////// I will upload the pictures of book chapter that also need to be used as a reference, this instructor is very particular so please follow the introduction to the teeth.////////