prepare an individual piece of work called a Promotional Practice Report (PPR).
The aim of the PPR is to provide an opportunity for students to show their understanding of the subject matter, when examined in the light of academic materials and commercial practice. The PPR should attempt to apply theory from the relevant parts of the unit and this will require students to read in advance of the subject being covered in the lectures.
The PPR should consist of a review of an organisation?s or brand?s recent marketing communication activities. This means that you should choose a campaign that is no more than 2 years old. Campaigns that were running in January 2011 or later will be acceptable.
The PPR should be no longer than 2,000 words, written in the third person (passive voice), referenced according to the Harvard APA format and both a paper and an electronic copy should be submitted.
You should note that the word limit (excluding title page, contents page, reference list and appendices) is 2,000 – there is no flexibility. You must include a word count on your piece of work. Students who exceed the word limit, even by a few words, will be penalised.
Course work submission
The aim of the PPR is to consider why and how an organisation or brand uses particular marketing communication tools and media. The review requires an explanation and interpretation of marketing communications in practice, in the light of marketing communications theory.
The objective of using academic journal articles is to help ensure that students undertake the necessary reading during the unit and so build a suitable level of knowledge which is then displayed in their PPR. Reference to the theories and concepts discussed in the lectures and seminars, and included in academic journal articles, is essential if you are to pass the coursework and should be used as the basis for understanding the use of promotional tools and media.
The promotional campaign which you choose for your PPR should make use of more than one promotional tool and several media.
Structure of the Promotional Practice Report
1. Title page, to include student number (no name)
2. Contents page
3. Brief introduction to the organisation or brand, and the campaign
4. Brief discussion of campaign objectives
5. Brief discussion of the target audience for the campaign
6. Bulleted list of the promotional tools used in the campaign, with an example of each
7. Bulleted list of the media used in the campaign, with an example of each
8. Discussion of the suitability of the promotional tools and media used in the campaign, making reference to theory
9. Recommendations for possible improvement in marketing communications activity (tools and /or media)


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