Developing a marketing plan

You and your partner have for theg ast year owned your own business. After a successful year of owning a restaurant in th (including several awards and accolades), you have decided l to branch out and open a second restaurant. You have chosen Vancouver as the place for your new l
restaurant concept.

For this assignment you must create a marketing plan for a restaurant in Vancouver. You must first

describe the situation looking at your company, the external environment competition, the industry

and the market. You must then decide based on the information you have gathered and

assessed the following:
What restaurant concept will you develop?

Who will the target market be?

What will the image of the restaurant be?

What cultural issues should you take into consideration?

Development of the marketing mix
You must develop the core components of a marketing plan for the concept you intend to introduce . T
to the market. The plan must demonstrate your competencies in the following:

Your ability to correctly explore the concept of internal and external marketing environment (a

coherent SWOT analysis)

Your ability to look critically and analyze the competitive market and the industry

Your ability to describe the market using segmentationivariables

Your ability to critically examine information and make an informed decision on which target

segment to select (with justification)

Your skills at assessing the market using cultural theories

Your skills at recognizing and applying a method of presenting your concept using positioning
Your ability to articulate a comprehensive and coherent marketing mix focusing on the needs and wants of the target group