Determine the results of executing the following Java statements

LAB;WEEK 7;JAVA PROGRAMMING;Using the Selection Control Structure if;Determine the results of executing the following Java statements. To do so, step through the statements, and then write what should be displayed.;Use the following two assignment statements for the exercises of this lab.;int x = 6;Boolean found = false;1. if (x> 10);System.out.println(?x is greater than 10.n?);System.out.println(?Selection allows decision making.n?);Answer;Selection allows decision making.;2. if (x = = 6);System.out.println(? A match is found.n?);System.out.println(? System.out.println(?Sequence continues after selection is complete.n;Answer;Syntax Error.;3. if (x 0 && x 10);System.out.println (? x is greater than 10.n?);else;System.out.println(?x is less than or equal to 10.n?);System.out.println(? Selection allows decision making.n?);Answer;x is less than or equal to 10.;Selection allows decision making.;9. if (x = = 6);System.out.println(?A match is found.n?);else;System,out.println(? A match was not found.n?);System.out.println(?Sequence continues after selection is complete.n?);Answer;A match is found.;Sequence continues after selection is complete.;10. if (!(x = 5);else;System.out.println(?Have a good day.n);System.out.println(?The value of x is ? + x + ?n?);Answer;The value of x is 6;12. if (x = = 6 && found);System.out.println(?Problem 5 is true.n);else;System.out.println(?Problem 5 is false.n?);System.out.println(?Both condition must be true.?);System.out.println(?End of Problem 5n?);Answer;Problem 5 is false.;Both condition must be true.;End of Problem 5;13. if (x ! = 6 && ! found);System.out.println(?Problem 6 is true.n?);else;System.out.println(?Problem 6 is false.n?);System.out.println(?End of Problem 6n?);Answer;Problem 6 is false.;End of Problem 6;14. if (x > 0 && x