Design a solution for your organization

Design a solution for your organization.;Include the following;? A diagram of the GUI and the objectives of the Presentation Layer;? A UML diagram that shows all the classes, it can be created with;Visio?, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional? or the NClass? tool.;The NClass tool can be downloaded to create the UML diagram for the proposed classes. This is the link for that software;DANGEROUS URL REMOVED/download?use_mirror=iweb;? Objectives of the Business Layer;? Written documentation of how the program will be modularized;? How the program will accomplish each requirement;As a Team, submit all materials to Assignments.;Determine the pros and cons of each language?VB? and C#?in developing the program.;Present these as a table using MS Word?.;Develop the ERD Diagram and include it in this assignment.;As a Team, submit all this material to Assignments.;The team will first select an organization. This may be an organization known by one of the members or a fictitious organization such as a small business, public library, school, and so forth. The Virtual Organizations on the student website are possible candidates.;The team will write the requirements for a program needed by the organization. The program must be object-oriented and include database connectivity.;The report will also contain the following material;UML Class Diagrams;ERD Diagram showing the tables, fields, keys and relations;Objectives to be met by the Presentation Layer;Objectives to be met by the Business Layer;Objectives to be met by the Data Layer;The team will analyze the requirements and determine how each language, C# and Visual Basic ? (VB), fits the requirements and describe any roadblocks.;The team will discuss and choose the language for the project. The team will write a paper, including the pros and cons of each choice, and make an argument using references for the decision.;From the syllabus we need to find a programming solution for an organization.