Demographic and psychographic research

Demographic and psychographic research
Group 4
Task-2: Marketing Research: Identify your target customer using demographic and psychographic research. Describe:
Demographics: Age, gender, marital status, education level, income, race etc.
Include national population trends (
Research consumer markets on websites such as,,
LIM electronic database: Mintel research, Edison research, Hoovers, etc.

Mother and Daughter Line

Age: 26-45 years old, 2-7 years old.
Target customers are women in their mid 20s to mid 40s with young children under the ages of 10 years, where they can style matching outfits together.
Gender: Females Women/Girls
We are creating a special mother daughter line so males are excluded at this time.
Marital status: Married
Mainly our target customers are women who are married but we will cater to moms that are single as well as divorce.
Education level: College Graduates
Income: $50,00-$80,000
Race: White, Asian, Black, and Hispanic
Targeting all nationalities.


Psychographics: Consumer behavior profile.
Include shopping behaviors, spending patterns, store and brand preferences, personal values and beliefs.
Consider using VALS or PRIZM
Explain how your product line will address the needs of your target customer.

Although the bohemian lifestyle is pretty diverse, our customer is both a mother, a wife, and a free spirit. Our customer lives a very unconventional life and is known to be very laid back. They like to be free individuals, ultra type individuals. One definition of a bohemian is that a bohemian person is one who lives an artistic lifestyle, placing freedom of self-expression above all other desires, including wealth, social conformity and status. Our mothers are extremely hard working however they take pride in having downtime to be creative with their children and enjoying the outdoors. The product line we are creating is perfect for our target market. It is easy, comfortable, but still fashionable. Not only can the mothers be seen in something like this so can your daughter! Our mother – daughter line is something new and innovative for the bohemian mother. The mothers that we target tend to spend a lot of money on clothing for both themselves and their children. Because of this our line will be affordable but still great quality clothing.



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