: Dealing with Crisis in Human Services

Topic: Dealing with Crisis in Human Services
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**Subject: Human Services**

Once again, base your response to this assignment on the document Case Study of a Human Service Organization ( this doc will be provided). Assume you have been assigned the role of counselor, peer support specialist, or case manager at the Center for Self-Actualization. You have a caseload and your primary responsibility is to work directly with the clients who are coming in for services. Abigail is a client you have been working with for the last six months. The last two times you have seen Abigail, she reported feelings of depression, hopelessness, and isolation. You note that Abigail has a history of suicide attempts (the last attempt was over three years ago) and based on the last two visits, you suspect that she is abusing alcohol.

In a well-organized critical essay, describe the steps that you would take in each of the following situations. Provide a detailed list of how you would intervene, who you would include in the intervention, and what the ethical and legal considerations are.
1.Abigail does not show up for her scheduled appointment, which is out of character as she hasn’t missed an appointment in the six months you have been seeing her. You attempt an initial welfare call with no answer.
2.Abigail shows up for her appointment visibly intoxicated. When you go up to greet Abigail for her appointment, she starts sobbing uncontrollably and states that she doesn’t want to live anymore.
3.Abigail shows up for her appointment, and while in session she states that she doesn’t believe that you are helping her anymore and wants to discontinue services that day.

Cite and integrate at least three sources to support your analysis and/or position(s), at least one of which was not required reading for one of your Bachelor of Science in Human Services core courses.