DBMS Course Project

Step 1;Build a Database named DBMS Course Project. The database should include following tables.;First Table ? Students;ID;First Name;Last Name;Address;City;State;Zip Code;Phone Number with area code;Second Table ? GPA;ID;Current GPA;Class;Freshman;Sophomore;Junior;Senior;Graduate Student;Third Table ? Scholarships;ID;Major course of study;Academic Scholarship (Yes or No);Athletic Scholarship (Yes or No);Step 2;Extract the First and Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code and Phone Number of each senior on the database. Sort by Last Name, then First Name (1 sort).;Step 3;Extract the First and Last Name, and GPA of each student who qualifies for the Dean?s List. Sort by GPA, then Last Name, then First Name (1 sort). A GPA of 3.25 is required to make the Dean?s List.;Final Project Part 2;You are required to use OpenOffice software to write and execute queries with tables you created in Project Part 1.;Extract the First and Last Name, Student ID, Course Major and GPA of any students on athletic scholarship. Sort by Student ID.;Produce a report with the data from Step #1 and Use good headings.