Dachau – General Patton -IG Investigation

I must admonish you that the 24th Article of War does not permit you to tell a lie. SS troops would indicate that 3 riflemen are not capable of adequately guarding approximately 100 troops of this fanatical type. Hi Suzette – Like you, I think it was wrong, but I can understand their dismay and fury at what they found. Not really sure what I would have done. It was a terrible chapter in history. Hope you are having a good week. Theresa, Good hub. I had heard of this incident before. Although, I don’t agree with what our soldiers did, I can understand why they behaved that way. Had I been in their shoes would I have done the same? I like to say I would take the high road, but after seeing the horrors of Dachau, I just don’t know for sure. This is a sad chapter that is closed now, but thank you for writing about it.

Well done you – on possibly the worst subject ever. The Holocaust became my avocation when I was about 10 and I’m still at it. My parents weren’t overly thrilled with my choices in books every week but they didn’t stop me. My Mom dropped me off at the Library then ran her errands and, later, came back for me. Couldn’t do that now! My Dad was in the 8th Air Force (no kidding, Patti) so his participation was limited to food drops and a few trips repatriating DP’s. When I was in my teens he told me about those trips to return Jews to their homes. Not pretty. They were all, of course, emaciated and filthy. They deloused the plane after every trip. They also deloused themselves after every trip. The food drops over Holland were the best. Schweinfurt was the worst. The German public knew. Thank you. And thank you for reading and commenting.

Very interesting and well-written! You are absolutely right. As much as I have loved my research area ever since graduate school, it is difficult to focus on it all the time. 15 years ago, I didn’t think I would ever want to return to the same subject area. So I concentrated on teaching, but about five years later I found myself returning to the subject and my piles of research material and writing a 10-20 pp conference paper every summer or so. Now doing shorter pieces for HP suits me just right. I also offer either a German Hitory or a Holocaust history course once a year every year. So that is about as much “heavy” emphasis as I can handle, although I do think it is such an important area of study. I imagine that writing on this topic would require some spaces of lighter writing at any time of year.

Just reading it requires an emotional objectivity to keep us from becoming overwhelmed. So glad you are going to continue on this subject–it’s important. Glad to be following your work! Thank you for continuing to follow. I, too think the comments have been pretty amazing and in many cases helpful. I think I will eventually have 6-8 more hubs on this subject, but they take some real time and concentration, so I have been doing some “lighter” Hubs since I am in the middle of my teaching year. Thanks again for your comments. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth–what a statement about such events. Thank you again for sharing your work. The comments will continue to be worth following. Hi Natasha – I appreciate your generous comment. I am always pleased to meet another “history person.” You probably already know that you happened across the third part in a series.

If you have time check out the first two and then I did a four part series on the GI’s and German Civilians. I look forward to reading some of your Hubs. Thank you for the illuminating, well-documented article. My undergrad degree is in modern European history, but I learned things from your hub. You did come back and I appreciate it! So your father was one of those soldiers who saw the very worst of the worst. I have never heard about the “Red Ball” truck drivers before. I wonder if anyone has done any work on them and their situations. Can you imagine being given those orders? I am in total agreement with you on that. That is one reason I wrote about the Dachau incident. Too many people don’t know what our soldier s suffered or how they suffered and we certainly have no right to judge!