Critical assessment of HRM – a contemporary case study

This assignment requires you to demonstrate many of the skills you have learned throughout the course of this module, such as the ability to critically assess the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) and its link to organisational goals. For this assignment, you are required to produce a fully referenced academic report of 3,000 words, based on a case study organisation of your choosing.
Select an organisation with which you are familiar to be the case study. This could be:
? your current employer
? a previous employer
? an organisation that you have or have had contact with, possibly through work experience or through a family member or close friend, or
? an organisation you have an interest in that has readily available information on its structure, the ways in which they manage their staff and how the company organises its HRM activities and functions.
The size and the structure of your chosen organisation is not important. All organisations employ people and, therefore, manage their ‘human resources’ in some way. What is important, however, is that you have some knowledge and understanding of the approach the company uses to recruit, retain and manage their staff and how they organise their HRM activities and functions.
You will use this knowledge to produce a report in which you will critically assess existing HRM practices within the organisation, making recommendations as appropriate to those who run the business. It is strongly suggested that each task represents a sub-section of your report and that you also include a brief introduction, conclusion and recommendations.
For all tasks you should undertake a literature review, based on textbooks and published articles, to identify at least ONE (1) established model of HRM and apply this model to the organisation to support the critical assessment of their approach to managing people.
Task 1 – 25 Marks
Strategic perspectives of HRM
Critically assess the extent to which HRM is linked to organisational objectives and also how HR practices manage the relationship between employees and the organisation. Does the organisation demonstrate ethical and socially responsible principles to manage these relationships and shape their objectives?
Task 2 – 20 Marks
Recruitment and selection
Identify and critically evaluate the organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection. Evaluate the stages of recruitment the organisation undertakes and identify any legal aspects that should be considered.
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Task 3 – 20 Marks
Employee performance and reward
Critically assess the methods used by the organisation to measure employee performance and reward strong performance.
Task 4 – 30 Marks
Workplace practices
Critically assess the flexible working practices that are available to the organisation and the extent to which these are common practice within the organisation.
Explain to what extent the organisation supports people working together to build successful teams.
Critically assess how the organisation ensures the well-being of its employees and manages stress in the workplace.
Task 5 – 5 Marks
Report structure
Marks will be awarded for an appropriately structured report, including an introduction to the organisation, appropriate sub-headings and references throughout the main body and a conclusion and recommendations as appropriate.
Complete all the tasks in order. Consult with your tutor if you are uncertain about any aspect of the assignment.
Submission requirements
? A single word-processed document containing all reports and other documentation (i.e. explanations, output reports and page images of graphic tools etc. pertaining to all tasks).
? The word count is 3000 words, not including the appendices.
? The document should be properly structured with a table of contents, reference list (online and literature sources) and appendices (where necessary). Refer to the Assignment Presentation Requirements on Campus for more information (see front cover).
? Produce clear and specific reasoning to justify answers.
? An electronic copy of the document must be submitted to NCC Education by email using this address:
? Work containing viruses, or work that cannot be run directly, will result in a fail grade being awarded for this assessment.
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Candidate checklist
Please use the following checklist to ensure that your work is ready for submission.
Have you read the NCC Education documents ‘What is Academic Misconduct? Guidance for Candidates’ and ‘Avoiding Plagiarism and Collusion: Guidance for Candidates’ and ensured that you have acknowledged all the sources that you have used in your work?
Have you completed the ‘Statement and Confirmation of Own Work’ form and attached it to your assignment? You must do this.
Have you ensured that your work has not gone over or under the recommended word count by more than 10%?
Have you ensured that your work does not contain viruses and can be run directly?

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