Crime and Drisorder from plymouth modern day

Paper instructions:
This paper should include research on various crimes and disorder that existed from three periods the plymouth colony era 1607-1775, industrial era 1820 to 1913, and post industrial era 1914 to 2013. Go in to detail to explain the various crimes and disorder during this time and the causes of them. Example crime and disorder in the industrial era that u can use would be peonage where black were arrested for crimes that did not commit forced to work on farms in the south under contracts for years. Example in plymouth colonial era would be blasphemy, religion persecuted certain crimes. The taxes caused disorder among the colonist. The big melting post of the many immigrants who came to America brought crime and disorder. Transatlantic slave trade. Jim crow laws, black codes created disorder among whites and blacks to name a few.

This requires scholarly sources or credited sources no wikipedia bogus .com sites with no researched based findings