CORE ANALYSIS of bg group plc

A report on the basis of a CORE analysis of a company.

you need use the example of CORE analysis for Sainsbury as a template,and list the elements you need to report in TASK.(you can download sainsbury’s annual report to help you understand the template)
· I have upload the annual reports from 2012 to 2014 of this company.
· Apply a full CORE Framework (Context, Overview, Ratio and Evaluation)
· Write a report on the results of your analysis and also compute the overview calculations and the financial ratios in excel from 2012 to 2014.
The report must be written in word and it should include the following sections:
1. External Context 2. Internal Factors
3. Overview and Primary Comments
4. Main recognition and measurement issues and accounting policies over the year analysed 5. Ratios 6. Evaluation
The part 3,4,5,6 should be the important one and need to write with largely word numbers.

In the excel file you need to provide the computations related to:
1. Copy in excel the figures shown in the Financial Statement (Income
Statement and Comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position, Cash Flow Statement). Be careful in case of restatement from one year to the other!
2. Provide a common size analysis of the Financial Statement
3. In word you can copy only the relevant figures and interpret their trend
B.Ratios computation
1. Please show the formulas that you use in computing the ratios
2. You do not need to copy and paste the computation of all the ratios in words, it is enough if you report the most important ones
3. You can draw graphs about the trend of the performance

In your excel file,connect appropriate cell together. It is very important that you show how cell and sheets are connected together
notice:you just use three annual reports as references and maybe add one or two reference is enough(almost 5 references finually) ,so there is no need to write the reference in the essay.