Contemporary Media

Explore Issues of Contemporary Media: Does the representation of transgenderism in cinema/media reinforce or challenge the idea of the transgendered body as essentially aberrant and transgressive?
This essay will be part of a journal on the extension of gender in cinema and media. it must explore the issues surrouding the representation of gender in cinema/media. I would rather the essay was over the word limit than under it.

Required Viewing: Boys Don’t Cry (Kimberly Peirce 1999, USA)

Law of Desire (Almodovar, P., 1987, Spain) Required Reading: Judith Butler, ‘Subversive Bodily Acts’ in During pp.371-382

Teresa de Lauretis; ‘Upping the Anti (sic) in Feminist Theory’ in During, pp.358-382

do not incorporate critical readings or quotations without indicating why and how they are relevant to the point you are making. do not use “I” or colloquialisms.

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