Contactapp part 1 and 2

Part 1: Design, implement, test, and debug a program with a JFrame that allows the user to enter a series of contacts? names, ages, e-mail addresses, and cell phone numbers, and creates a file from the entered data. Validate the age entry to ensure that it is numeric and between 0 and 120. Include information for three to five contacts.;Part 2: Design, implement, test, and debug a program that reads the file you created by the list in Part 1 and displays the records in a JFrame. You may either display all entries in the list at once or display them one at a time, the user interface is up to you. Protect against not being able to open the file. Submit the assignment using the provided submission template.;Use this set of test input data to test your program and to provide your screenshot of your program input;Name: John Doe;Age: 11;E-mail Address: XXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX;Cell Phone Number: (101) 111-555