Assessment Task

This assignment draws upon three key areas of the lecture programme and is supported by the tutorial write–ups from the assignment.  Explain any assumptions that you wish to make to assist you.  2000 words would be adequate, but you are expected to produce well explained illustrations to support the way in which you demonstrate your understanding.
A newly framed building is to be constructed and linked to an existing building on a gap site in a confined city centre location, as shown on the plan.  The Architect at this initial design stage would like you to assist in providing more detail on which to base decisions for the following queries:
1. Discuss the use of different materials and methods of the construction of the new structural frame. 2. For your preferred choice of system, fully describe with sketches and well explained illustrations the method of construction and jointing of the structural members. 3. Using description and illustrations describe a suitable structural floor construction and provide a robust argument for the use of this method in this situation. 4. Research two different systems of cladding to the preferred framing type described in Q1 and using manufacturers’ information describe the construction and how each of them would be jointed to that framing option.





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