Comparison of the Memoir by Nick Flynn and the film “Being Flynn”, Screenwriter/Director, Paul Weitz

Write three separate essays for the Total of the Two-Three typed pages.

1.Compare the scene in the film which Jonathan calls Nick to bring his truck to clear out his fathers apartment(scene three) with similar passages in the memoir (pages 194-197)

Which is more powerfull or effective – the scene in the film or the passages in the memoir? Where are the characters, Jonathan and Nick, described more fully, in the memoir or the film? In you answer, give brief examples from both the film and the memoir. Do not use the personal pronoun “I”

2. Which is more effective and believable, the conclusion of the film (scene 18-20) or the end of the memoir (pages 323-325, 330-332, 337-341)? Discuss your answer, providing bried examples from both the film and the book. DO NOT USE “I”.

3. Personal Essay: Did your opinion of the homeless chage after reading the memoir and seeing the film? Why or why not? For this essay, use the personal pronoun “I”.