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Comparison between two composers of two different periods

Baroque: Johann Sebastian Bach & Classical: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The main concept of my mid-term research paper is to create a comparison between two composers of two different periods. I have chosen Johann Sebastian Bach to represent the Baroque period who was a German composer and musician whereas Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to represent the Classical period who was an Austrian composer.

Both composers are very well known and regarded as the greatest composers of all time. We hear a lot of musical pieces nowadays being integrated in movies and films as we are growing up, we become very familiar with them yet our knowledge is very minimal about their composers.

First, in brief, I will introduce each period and the musical characteristics of them.

Second, I will be discussing each composer’s life. More in depth, I will be comparing their childhood, families, early working years and how they started, later years and lastly death.

Third, I will be comparing and looking into their various works and pieces, their musical styles, performances and influences.

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