comparative anatomy of mus musculus domestica (House Mouse) and rattus rattus (Rat; black or brown).

compare each rodent by:
Briefly describe your vertebrate (i.e. type of animal, life-span, etc.)

· How does your vertebrate sleep (i.e. nocturnal, diurnal, amount, sleep stages)?

o What are the stages of sleep your vertebrate experience (i.e. wake, NREMS 1, 2, 3, 4, REMS)?

· How does sleep in your vertebrate occur (from birth through old-age)?

o How does the amount of time your vertebrate experiences in each sleep stage shift from birth to old age?

o How much time does your vertebrate spend sleeping in each age range?

· What structural brain areas are responsible for sleep in your vertebrate?

o What structural brain regions are most active during each sleep stage?

· How have these structural areas and mechanisms of sleep changed over time in your vertebrate?

o (Evaluate the evolutionary changes of sleep in your vertebrate.)

· What do you hypothesize is the function of sleep in your vertebrate?


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