COMP 230 Week 4 Quiz…………..(Introduction to Scripting and Database with Lab – DeVry)

(TCO 4) A variable that determines if a loop will continue is known as a ____.;(TCO 4) What is the name for the statements that are repeated during loop execution?;(TCO 4) Which piece of pseudocode represents incrementing the loop-control…..?;(TCO 4) When a value is incremented by 1, ____.;(TCO 4) When a loop-control variable is not altered during loop execution, a(n)___…..;(TCO 4) Which of the following is NOT automatically handled by the for loop?;(TCO 4) A do-until loop has a(n) ______ condition.;(TCO 4) A loop within another loop is known as a(n) _____ loop.;(TCO 4) What is the term for the number used to reference an array element?;(TCO 4) The number of elements in an array is called the ______ of the array.;(TCO 4) Arrays are most efficiently processed using ______.