College Composition I

Review Assignment Sheet

For the second paper of the semester, you will write a review of the pilot episode of a television series. (“Pilot” means the first episode of the series.) We will vote as a class to determine the series. You will receive tips on how to critically “read” (view and analyze) television *before* we view the episode.

Your review should adhere—more or less—to the guidelines presented in Chapter 6 of Writing Today. Your review must include an introduction and a description or summary of the subject. This means you will need to research the history of this television series, including the directors, producers, actors, and network. You may also read reviews published at the time of its original airing. Your review should offer a clear thesis statement. (See page 91 in Writing Today.) Your review must present and explain the *specific* strengths and weaknesses of this pilot episode. To that end, you will need to reference particular scenes and pieces of dialogue. You should explore the meaning(s) and larger significance of this television show. Finally, your review must conclude with an overall judgment of the episode. Remember, reviews are subjective, but they are also informative; they rely equally on opinion and research. This is your chance to express an informed opinion about an episode of television geared toward college students and young adults.

As with your memoir, I expect your writing to be polished and purposeful. I also expect your essay to be rhetorically effective—meaning persuasive, engaging, and audience-focused. Your essay should be organized and cohesive, and you should demonstrate an awareness of tone and a concern for style. Most of all, I want to hear YOU on the page.

Your final review should be 4-5 pages (double spaced). It should follow MLA style guidelines.


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