Chemical Reactivity

Topic: Topic: Chemical Reactivity   1.

Hydrogen abstraction from hydrocarbons by atomic chlorine is a mechanism for Cl• loss in the atmosphere. Consider the reaction of Cl• with ethane:


T / K 270 370 470 570 670                k / 10-10  M-2  s-1 3.43 3.77 3.99 4.13 4.23

(a) Make an Arrhenius plot of these data, and hence determine a value for the activation energy and the pre-exponential factor; state the units of each quantity.

(b) At the tropospause (11 km above the surface of Earth), the temperature is roughly 220 K. What do you expect the rate constant to be at this temperature?

2.    Consider the schematic reaction with rate constant k.

(a) If the reaction is one-half order with respect to A, what is the integrated rate law expression for this reaction?

(b) What plot would you construct to determine the rate constant k for the reaction?

(c) What would be the half-life for this reaction? Will it depend on initial concentration of the reactant?

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