change week 8

change week 8

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As you considered earlier in the course, not all change is the same and different issues may require a different approach by a leader. Some aspects of the change process may be similar but should never be assumed to be the same.
Again for this Assignment, you reflect on key learning about leadership when facing opposition or resistance to change within the context of critical issues in higher education.
Review the interactive media piece for this week, pay attention to the nature of the challenges and the options a leader has to respond.
Based on the challenges presented in this week’s interactive media piece, what is your key learning? Explain how this exercise influences your understanding of change leadership. Would you classify these issues as reactive, proactive, or interactive changes? Explain why you chose each leader response for each challenge. What questions do the challenges raise for you?

Submit a 1- to 2-page analysis of your reflection on the media scenario presented this week.

Buller, J. L. (2015). Change leadership in higher education: A practical guide to academic transformation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Chapter 3, “Determining The Need For Change” (pp. 55–80)
In addition to the required reading, students are responsible for researching and selecting scholarly journal resources on corporation and university partnerships.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2015). University partnernships [Multimedia file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Grand City Community

Click on the link to into the Grand City Community and go to Grand City University, Administration Office to view the “University Partnerships” media.
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