Case Study, Finance and Accounting verizon case study

Project description
Exercise 1:

From the case study ONLY list their current strategies.
Exercise 2:

There are 2 choices:
-Follow the exhibit 2-3 of the case study (however I am not sure that you will have all the necessary data)
-Upload the annual report of Verizon on Internet
Please do the following on excel in order to provide us the details of your calculs.

Column 1: Verizon
Column 2: Industry
Column 3: S&P 500

Liquidity Ratios:
-Current Ratio ( current assets/current liabilities)
-Quick Ratio (current assets minus inventory / current liabilities)

Leverage Ratios:
-Debt –to-Total-Assets Ratio (total debt/total assets)
-Debt-to-Equity Ratio (total debt/ total stockholder’s equity)
-Long-Term Debt-to-Equity Ratio (long-term debt/total stockholder’s equity)
-Times-Interest-Earned Ratio (profits before interest and taxes/ total interest charges)

Activity Ratios:
-Inventory turnover (sales/inventory of finished goods)
-Fixed Assets Turnover (sales/fixed assets)
-Total Assets Turnover ( Sales/total assets)

Profitability Ratios:
-Gross profit margin (sales minus cost of goods sold/ sales)
-Operating Profit margin ( earnings before interest and taxes EBIT/ Sales)
-Net profit margin ( net income/ sales)
-Return on Total Assets ( Net income/ Total assets)
-Return on Stockholders ‘Equity (Net income / total stockholders’ equity)
-Earnings per share (Net income/ number of shares of common stock outstanding)
-Price-earnings Ratio ( Market price per share/earnings per share)

Grow Ratios:
-Sales (annual percentage growth in total sales)
-Net income ( annual percentage growth in profits)
-Earnings per Share ( annual percentage growth in EPS)
-Dividends per Share ( Annual percentage growth in dividends per share)

Exercise 3:

Create an EPS/EBIT Analysis for Verizon.

In order to implement our strategies (our own recommendations) the Amount Needed is : $ 1,000 M
Explain as much as you can.
How you find the interest rate ?
How you find the Tax Rate ?
How you find the Stock price ?
Share Outstanding ?

If you make assumptions put in quote why this data in order to enable us to gain a deep understanding.
Please refer the example to create it. Use the framework
Draw a conclusion